Software for Inventory Control, which facilitates the registration, organization and supervision of merchandise entering or leaving the warehouse.

It is composed of:

  1. A platform where you can observe each of the processes that can be done with the goods, such as import data, units, among others and which in turn relies on the HandHeld.
  2. HandHeld is responsible for carrying out the barcode reading assigned to each product and supplies information to the Platform for further monitoring.

With MERCURY you can control:

Merchandise Income

This module controls the reception of merchandise, in which the Customer Data, import, merchandise, etc. are related.

Processes in Warehouse

All the tasks of storage as lot and order of packaging, in addition to the movements of merchandise.

Customer Administration

Creation and / or modification of customer data and also of Teachers as the Client?s NIT.

Delivery of Merchandise

The dispatch with related information is generated in the platform and with the HandHeld each of the specifications must be fulfilled.

Administration panel

The tables are created and updated as new types of operation, container, outputs, among others.


Reports are generated of all the processes carried out and a traffic light status of the merchandise.